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    Analysis of Wheel and Track Irregularities Impact on the Vibroacoustic Signals Emission in Rail Vehicles / Paweł Komorski (WIT), Tomasz Nowakowski (WIT), Bartosz Firlik (WIT), Grzegorz M. Szymański (WIT) // W: Proceedings of the 25th International Congress on Sound and Vibration Sound of Peace Bell, 2018 - Gliwice, Polska : Politechnika Śląska, 2018 - s. 1-8

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    Application of Time-Frequency Analysis of Acoustic Signal to Detecting Flat Places on the Rolling Surface of a Tram Wheel / Paweł Komorski (WMRiT), Tomasz Nowakowski (WMRiT), Grzegorz M. Szymański (WMRiT), Franciszek Tomaszewski (WMRiT) // W: Dynamical Systems in Applications / red. Jan Awrejcewicz - Cham, Switzerland : Springer International Publishing, 2018 - s. 205-215

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    Application of Hilbert transform in detection flat places on tram wheels / Tomasz Nowakowski (WMRiT), Paweł Komorski (WMRiT), Grzegorz Szymański (WMRiT), Franciszek Tomaszewski (WMRiT) // W: Mathematical and Numerical Aspects of Dynamical System Analysis / red. Jan Awrejcewicz - Łódź, Polska : Lodz University of Technology, 2017 - s. 437-448

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    The comparison analysis of sound level emitted by various tram bogies under normal operating conditions / Paweł Komorski (WMRiT), Tomasz Nowakowski (WMRiT), Grzegorz M. Szymański (WMRiT), Mateusz Motyl (WMRiT), Szymon Finke (WMRiT) // W: Proceedings of the 24th International Congress on Sound and Vibration, London Calling, 2017 / red. Barry Gibbs: International Congress on Sound and Vibration, 2017 - s. 1-8

  • 5.
    Application of analysis of resonance vibration for the diagnostic of a pair of friction on the railway disc broke / Wojciech Sawczuk (WMRiT), Grzegorz Szymański (WMRiT) // W: Dynamical systems : mathematical and numerical approaches / red. Jan Awrejcewicz - Łódź, Poland : Departament of Automation, Biomechanics and Mechatronics, 2016 - s. 437-448

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    Assessment of noise inside a tram during a ride and at a standstill / Małgorzata Orczyk (WMRiT), Franciszek Tomaszewski (WMRiT), Bartosz Czechyra (WMRiT), Grzegorz M. Szymański (WMRiT) // W: ICSV23 : 23rd International Congress on Sound & Vibration : From Ancient to Modern Acoustics / red. Konstantinos Vogiatzis, Georges Kouroussis, Malcolm Crocker, Marek Pawelczyk: International Institute of Acoustics and Vibration (IIAV), 2016 - s. 1-8