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Frontiers in Bioengineering and Biotechnology

Scientific disciplines (Law 2.0)

1.2 Ethnology and cultural anthropology
2.3 Information and communication technology
2.5 Biomedical engineering
2.6 Chemical engineering
2.7 Civil engineering, geodesy and transport
2.8 Materials engineering
2.9 Mechanical engineering
2.10 Environmental engineering, mining and energy
3.1 Medical biology
3.2 Pharmacology and pharmacy
3.3 Medical sciences
3.5 Health sciences
4.1 Family sciences
5.2 Agriculture and horticulture
5.3 Nutrition and food technology
6.3 Security studies
6.7 Law
7.2 Biotechnology
7.5 Biological sciences
7.6 Chemical sciences
7.7 Physical sciences
8.1 Biblical teachings
9.1 Veterinary science

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Frontiers Media S.A., Switzerland




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Journal years

  • Journal year Ministry points Impact Factor
  • 2022 100 5,7
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