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Water, Wastewater and Energy in Smart Cities, 12-13 September 2017, Cracow, Poland : book of abstracts

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Use of EPANET solver to manage water distribution in Smart City (s. 9-10)
Application of Information Technology Solutions for Early Warning Systems at Water Utilities (s. 15-16)
The influence of the synthetic hyetograph parameters on the simulation results of runoff from the urban catchment (s. 18-19)
A comparative analysis of selected wastewater pretreatment processes in food industry (s. 24-25)
Use of absorbance UV to interpret transformations of organic compounds during filtration by biologically active carbon filters - experiments of pilot scale technological investigations (s. 61)
Changes of physicochemical and microbiological parameters of infiltration water at Debina intake in Poznan, unique conditions - flood (s. 91-92)
Monitoring of heavy metals in selected Water Supply Systems in Poland, in relation to current regulations (s. 97-98)

1st IWA Polish Young Water Professionals Conference : Water, Wastewater and Energy in Smart Cities, 12-13.09.2017, Cracow, Poland