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Contemporary problems of manufacturing and production mamagement : 3rd International Conference Manufacturing 2010 : proceedings, abstracts

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conference proceedings

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Poznań, Polska

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Wydawnictwo Politechniki Poznańskiej

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Politechnika Poznańska

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Zastosowanie projekcji wirtualnych markerów w pomiarach fotogrametrycznych bliskiego zasięgu
Wyznaczenie niepewności pomiaru grubości zęba metodami konwencjonalnymi (p. 31)
Selected problems during milling of curvilinear surfaces (p. 179)
Wear and tool life of cuting edges made of the WC5Co+TaC-NbC nanocrystalline cementem carbides during machining the EN 1.45.41 austenitic stainless steel (p. 186)
The evaluation of scratch resistance of the containers surface
Research of dynamic characteristics of piezobender for aapplication in control stage of electrohydraulic servovalve
Registrator or acceleration during closing silding doors in a car production process
Recycling-oriented product structure
Product life-cycle assessment in integrated design
Principles of computer tomography application in geometrical metrology (p. 203)
Oprogramowanie nowej metody doboru narzędzi jakości na potrzeby doskonalenia procesów wytwarzania
Ocena własności topografii powierzchni implantów stomatologicznych z warstwą nanoHA (p. 29)
Multiscale - mulipysics manufacturing and multisensor metrology of cylinder liner : from roundness to nano-roughness (p. 30)
Modelowanie i symulacja zrobotyzowanego stanowiska do obróbki wstępnej części stelaży siedzeń pasażerskich (p. 43)
Metoda przygotowania odlewu do obróbki i optymalizacji warstwy skrawanej
Adaptive methods of the manufacturing process state evaluation
An evaluation of the manufacturing process quality : a rule-based approach
Manufacturing methods of metals, alloys and non-metals powders to production of the sintered tool materials (p. 114)
Investigation of temperature gradient during surface heating by laser beam (p. 166)
Investigations of brittleness of the WC-5Co nanocrystalline sintered carbides obtained by the pulse-plasma sintering method (p. 185)
Investigating accuracy of metrology CT systems (p. 200)
Intuicyjny system do szybkiego programowania obrabiarek CNC
Influence of parameters of the pulse-plasma sintering process of nanocrystalline carbides on their structure (p. 115)
Improving organization of gas cylinder valves production
Diagnostyka stanu tokarki NC na podstawie pomiarów drgań narzędzia
Construction and Testing of Paul Macrotrap
Comparative analysis or UML and IDEF diagrams for conceptual modelling of productions systems for simulation purposes
CMM Measurement of the detail with certain out-of-roundness type (p. 64)
Bezstykowe i stykowe pomiary wałów korbowych (p. 75-76)
Automation of measurement using optical scanner (p. 201-202)
Modeling of electrohydraulic servo drive controlled by haptic joystic
Modeling of a linear Paul trap as a tool for nanotechnology

3rd International Conference Manufacturing 2010 : Contemporary problems of manufacturing and production managenment, 24-26.11.2010, Poznań, Polska

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