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InterTech 2012 : 5th International Interdisciplinary Technical Conference of Young Scientists, 16-18 May 2012, Poznań, Poland


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conference proceedings

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Poznań, Polska

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Organic layers produced using zone-casting technique for application in optoelectronics (p. 17-20)
First-order structural phase transition in perovskite La1-xNdxGa03 solid solutions crystals - Raman spectroscopy characterization (p. 33-36)
Numerical simulations of tunable metamaterial absorbers in the THz range (p. 61-64)
Investigation of dimethacrylate / Nanosilica composites by raman and brillouin spectroscopy (p. 87-90)
Extraction of 1,3-propadediol from aqueous solutions (p. 99-103)
Study on application of high temperature hall sensors to magnetic diagnostics in neutron radiation conditions (p. 159-161)
Change of electric contact resistance of an electromagnetic relay during switching operations without electric load (p. 257-260)
Mocroprocesor temperature neasurement system (p. 261-264)
The spectral distributions of halogen lamps of different power (p. 265-269)
Compensation of encoder inaccuracy in low speed measurements (p. 275-279)
The influence of the Vehicle load on the exhaust emissions (p. 283-287)
Research possibilities and the evaluation of consuming elements of modern injectors of engines about the self-ignition (p. 293-295)
Investigation of adherence of car putty coating to car body sheet (p. 311-314)
Evaluation of forming of the bond type coating-steel substrate by ultrasonic method (p. 315-318)
Theoretical analysis of possibilities of a reduction of exhaust emission in diesel engines fuelled with a mixture of conventional fuel and hydrogen (p. 339-343)

InterTech 2012 : 5th International Interdisciplinary Technical Conference of Young Scientists, 16-18.05.2012, Poznań, Polska

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