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Computational Technologies in Engineering (TKI'2018) : Proceedings of the 15th Conference on Computational Technologies in Engineering, Jora Wielka, Poland, 16-19 October, 2018


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edited book

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AIP Publishing

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American Institute of Physics

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Book series: AIP Conference Proceedings

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vol. 2078

Selected aspects of numerical modeling of the short span thin-walled beams (p. 020001-1-020001-7)
Analysis of the construction of TEG thermoelectric generator using CFD tools (p. 020052-1-020052-8)
Method of determining the locomotive engine specific fuel consumption based on its operating conditions (p. 020053-1-020053-8)
Analysis of Driving Simulation Capabilities Car Vehicle on the Engine Brake Stand (p. 020054-1-020054-5)
Simulation assessment of the selected combination of road and rail infrastructure in the aspect of choosing the route of road transport means (p. 020055-1-020055-6)
FE Analysis of Steel-Timber Composite Beams (p. 020061-1-020061-6)
Analysis of Exhaust Gas Flow Through a Particulate Filter in the Exhaust of the Spark Ignition Direct Injection Engine (p. 020088-1-020088-7)
Laboratory Tests vs. FE Analysis of Concrete Cylinders Subjected to Compression (p. 020089-1-020089-11)
Using the Simulation Technique to Improve Efficiency in General Aviation (p. 020097-1-020097-7)

Computational Technologies in Engineering (TKI’2018), 16-19.10.2018, Jora Wielka, Polska

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