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Proceedings of the 35th International Business Information Management Association Conference (IBIMA), 1-2 April 2020 Seville, Spain. Education Excellence and Innovation Management : a 2025 Vision to Sustain Economic Development during Global Challenges


Additional title

EN Education Excellence and Innovation Management: a 2025 Vision to Sustain Economic Development during Global Challenges

Year of publication


Book type

scientific monograph / conference proceedings

Publication language


Publisher name

International Business Information Management Association, IBIMA

Date of publication


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Sustainable Supply Chain: A Content Analysis Based on Published Case Studies (p. 10-18)
Non-material factors of employee motivation – sex aspects (p. 2704-2716)
Towards smart and sustainable manufacturing – an overview (p. 2908-2919)
Visualization of Knowledge About the Multi-Agent Supply Chain (p. 3176-3187)
Logistics maturity in service enterprises – research results (p. 3619-3634)
Incentivizing accessibility evaluation and its role in understanding process of overcoming barriers (p. 3827-3834)
Application of the FMEA for ergonomic project management (p. 4007-4018)
Development of framework for safety culture improvement by an ISM approach – pilot survey (p. 5412-5424)
Assessment of the machining centre effectiveness on the basis of measures used by an enterprise (p. 7228-7237)
Guidelines for an eco-driving business model in the case of short-term rental cars (p. 14208-14219)
Study on resources influencing organizational resilience (p. 14220-14235)
The use of the repetitive method of rapid assessment of a company’s ability to automate production processes – case study (p. 14236-14251)
Decision making framework enabling sustainable remanufacturing in small and medium sized enterprises in the automotive sector (p. 14409-14422)
Synergy in shaping shopping experience in the omnichannel concept (p. 14730-14745)
The framework of knowledge transfer model in Industry 4.0 context (p. 15450-15467)
The role Industry 4.0 tools in preventing supply chain disruptions – framework and future research directions (p. 16552-16565)
Assessment of the impact of European Union funds on the socio-economic development of provinces in Poland with the use of The Grey Systems Theory (p. 16798-16809)
Evaluation of the potential of the Polish intermodal terminals in the aspect of operational quality (p. 16880-16894)
The method of the digital potential of industrial enterprise assessment (p. 18669-18675)

35th International Business Information Management Association Conference, 1-2.04.2020, Seville, Spain

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