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PTNSS Kongres - 2005; The Development of Combustion Engines (Book of Abstracts), September 25th-28th, Bielsko-Biała / Szczyrk, Poland, 2005.

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The influence of diesel-fuel oxygenates on particulate matter emissions from diesel engines (p. 45-46)
Possibilities of CI engine cycle thermodynamic parameter adjustment through multiphase injection (p. 46-47)
Analysis of the lube oil viscosity effect on selected operational parameters of the vehicle engine crank mechanism slide bearings (p. 51-52)
The effect of chosen properties of modern lubricating oils on oil film parameters over the cylinder bore of IC engine (p. 54)
Application of the system sesubcr in internal combustion engines researches (p. 57)
The analysis of a misfire simulation in SI engine vehicle tests (p. 67-68)
New technologies of the production of car combustion engines in the aspect of requirements of the ecology (p. 70)
Misfire detection by short-time analysis with using clustering techniques (p. 100)
The assessment of the application of vibration methods in misfire detection in compression-ignition engines (p. 100-101)
The analysis of fuel spraying in aspects of the ecological parameters of the compression ignition engines operation (p. 101)
The influence of air dissolved in diesel oil on working indices in diesel engines (p. 108-109)

PTNSS Congres 2005: International Congress on Combustion Engines : the Development of Combustion Engines, 25-28.09.2005, Szczyrk, Polska

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