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132 MPEG Meeting

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Noise modelling in TMIV (p. 1-10)
MIV CE3.2: Color-based patch analysis (p. 1-6)
MIV CE2.7: Adaptive texture-based pruning (p. 1-4)
Color correction in TMIV (p. 1-5)
MIV CE1.2-related: Geometry scaling (p. 1-3)
[VCM] Test material for stereoscopic and multiview video coding for machines (p. 1-9)
PUT results for EE2 on Coding for Future MPEG Immersive Video (p. 1-7)
PUT results for EE1 on Coding for Future MPEG Immersive Video (p. 1-2)
Even faster implementation of IV-PSNR software (p. 1-5)
On the computational time of MIV-related experiments (p. 1-5)

132 MPEG Meeting, 12-16.10.2020, Rennes, Francja

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