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Computer-assisted acquisition and statistical evaluation of multifocal visual evoked potentials


[ 1 ] Instytut Elektrotechniki i Elektroniki Przemysłowej, Wydział Elektryczny, Politechnika Poznańska | [ P ] employee

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  • electro-physiological tests
  • light stimulation
  • statistical evaluation
  • tolerance intervals

EN The subject of this paper concerns the electro-physiological examination of the visual organ, the acquisition and statistical evaluation of the multifocal visual evoked potentials (M-VEP), in particular. The results presented are related to the real multifocal VEP waveforms, obtained during the examination of numerous patients in clinical conditions. The statistical evaluation of the results obtained during the examination of numerous healthy eyes enables the determination of electrical potential tolerance intervals and latency in the scope of the entire visual path of a healthy eye. Due to the lack of standardized values of the M-VEP test, the intervals may represent reference data in the valuation of various visual tract diseases. The data included therein, upon being exported to Microsoft Excel, enable the calculation of the average and standard deviation, and the tolerance intervals based on them.

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149 - 153





2006 IEEE International Conference on Virtual Environments, Human-Computer Interfaces and Measurement Systems

Presented on

IEEE Virtual Environments, Human-Computer Interfaces, and Measurement Systems IEEE International Conference, VECIMS 2006, 10-12.07.2006, La Coruna, Spain

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