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Logistics of Sanitary Teams Activities


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Research in Logistics & Production

Journal year: 2015 | Journal volume: vol. 5 | Journal number: no. 4

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scientific article

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  • epidemic models
  • Forrester’s models of sanitary activities
  • model calibration
  • optimal management of sanitary activities

EN We describe the information system that has been built for the support sanitary teams. The system is aimed at supporting analytical work which must be carried out when there is a risk of epidemic outbreak. It is meant to provide tools for predicting the size of an epidemic on the basis of the actual data collected during its course. Since sanitary teams try to control the size of the epidemics such a tool must model also sanitary teams activities. As a result a model for the prediction can be quite complicated in terms of the number of equations it contains. Furthermore, since a model is based on several parameters there must be a tool for finding these parameters on the basis on the actual data corresponding to the epidemic evolution. The paper describes the proposition of such a system. It presents, in some details, the main components of the system. In particular, the environment for building complex models (containing not only the epidemic model but also activities of sanitary teams trying to inhibit the epidemic) is discussed. Then, the module for a model calibration is presented. The module is a part of server for solving optimal control problems and can be accessed via Internet. Finally, we show how optimal control problems can be constructed with the aim of the efficient epidemic management. Some optimal control problems related to that issue are discussed and numerical results of its solution are presented.

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393 - 406

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