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International Scientific Conference : Surfactants and dispersed systems in theory and practice, Książ Castle, 22-24 May 2007

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conference proceedings

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Wrocław University of Technology. - Wrocław : PALMApress

Interaction between organophosphorus hydrophobic extractants in the mixed adsorption monolayer at the liquid/liquid interface (p. 85-89)
Comparison of equilibrium values of surface and interfacial tension of amphiphilic derivatives measured by drop volume, du nouy ring and drop shape method (p. 101-104)
Influence of organic phase on physicochemical properties of precipitated silicas in emulsion medium (p. 141-144)
The surface modificationof synthetic magnesium silicate using delected quaternary ammonium salts (p. 145-148)
Characterization of surface properties of selected systems containing phosphonium ionic liquids (p. 157-160)
Surface tension measurment of 1-methyl-3-alkoxymethyl imidazolium ionic liquids (p. 161-164)
Surface activity of water soluble gemini ionic liquids (p. 165-168)
Synthesis of gemini ionic liquids 1,4-DI(chloromethoxy)butane derivatives (p. 169-172)
Synthesis and surface actiity of cationic gemini imidazolium surfactants (p. 173-176)
New ionic liquids 1,4-DI(1-imidazolyl)butane derivatives (p. 177-180)
Density and viscosity of some water saturated cycloalkyl ionic liquids (p. 181-184)
Surface properties of cross-linked and acetylated starches (p. 193-196)
Modeling of fatty acid methyl ester oxyethylation in batch reactor-mass transfer approach (p. 239-242)
Characterization of surface layer of modified nanomaterials and properties of their dispersions (p. 243-246)
Biodegradation of ethoxylated alkyphenols under conditions of river water die-away test (p. 431-434)
Application of tensammetric techniques for determination of ethoxylates and their biotransformation by-products in biodegration tests (p. 451-454)

International Scientific Conference : Surfactants and dispersed systems in theory and practice, 22-24.05.2007, Książ, Polska

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