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KONES 2003 : 29th International Scientific Conference on Combustion Engines, Wisła, September 14-17, 2003 : conference proceedings

Year of publication


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conference proceedings

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Warszawa, Polska

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Institute of Aeronautics

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An Analusis of the influence of travelled diatance on the exhaust emissions from vehicle with gasoline direct injection engine (p. 21-30)
Short-time methods of signal processing in combustion engine diagnostics - OBDII/EOBD Perspectives (p. 31-38)
Wykorzystanie pomiarów stężenia CO2 w spalinach do określania zużycia paliwa okrętowego tłokowego silnika spalinowego (p. 109-118)
Tests of the pollution emission by the turbojet engine (p. 127-136)
Equipment to test the misfire monitors implemented in on-board diagnostic systems (OBDII and EOBD) for OBD system assessments and vehicle certification (p. 173-180)
The influence of fuel properties on exhaust emissions from the light-duty DI diesel vehicle (p. 181-194)
Possibilities and conditions of system alike OBD application on diesel locomotive (p. 195-210)
Using informations from onboard diagnostics systems to reconstruct the trajectory vehicle's movement (p. 211-218)
Distribution of hydrodynamic pressure in a piston ring lubricating gap (p. 309-316)

29th International Scientific Conference on Combustion Engines KONES 2003, 14-17.09.2003, Wisła, Polska

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