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Funkčné povrchy 2004 : zborník prednášok z medzinárodnej vedeckej konferencie, Trenčín, 27-28 máj 2004

Year of publication


Book type

conference proceedings

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Publisher name

Trenčianska univerzita Alexandra Dubčeka v Trenčíne

Date of publication




Laser treatment effect on the properties of titanium alloy Ti-6Al-4V (p. 15-20)
The prediction of the rolling contact fatigue life of the bearing rollers (p. 118-122)
Influence of shape modification of working surface kinematical pair on waste of wear (p. 150-157)
Method of assesment of the wear resistence of cast irons with slight differences in chemical composition and structure (p. 164-170)
Chemical composition evaluation with AES method of bearing steel elements surface layer after wear tests (p. 171-175)

Medzinárodná vedecká konferencia Funkčné povrchy 2004, 27-28.05.2004, Trenčín, Slovakia

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