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6th UEES'04 : Sixth International Conference on Unconventional Electromechanical and Electrical Systems, 24-29 September 2004, Alushta, Ukraine


Year of publication


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conference proceedings

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Szczecin, Polska

Publisher name

Wydawnictwo Uczelniane Politechniki Szczecińskiej

Date of publication




Coupled phenomena in electromechanical devices with magnetorheological fluid (p. 161-170)
Application of some selected statistic functions in diagnostics of electric machines (p. 307-312)
The influence of the rotor magnetic circuit shape on the parametres of the reluctance motor (p. 359-368)
Influence of magnetic fluid properties on magnetorheological brake characteristics (p. 373-378)
Finite element analysis of the rotating transformer of the resolver (p. 419-424)
Electromagnetic field analysis in pulse transformer (p. 571-576)
Determination of temperature distribution in oval three-phase shielded heavy current lines (p. 649-654)
Three-phase PWM rectifier with parallel active power filter (p. 711-716)
The influence of the inerphase power controller on the steady state value of current at the line interference state (p. 773-778)
The influence of interpfase power controller on the steady state value of current at the line interference state (p. 773-778)
The expansion of plasma from cathode spots in low-current vacuum arc (p. 987-992)
The heating processes on anode surface in a high-current vacuum arc (p. 993-998)

6th International Conference on Unkonvetional Electromechanical and Electrical Systems UEES'04, 24-29.09.2004, Alushta, Ukraine

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