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5th Conference on Biomedical Engineering. Book of Abstracts

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book of abstracts

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Poznań, Poland

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Politechnika Poznańska

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The impact of a magnetic field on the functional activity of adsorbed Lactobacillus acidophilus, Narine probiotic culture on high-dispersed silica (p. 9-10)
Machine learning metods in USG images analysis (p. 11-12)
Models for teaching breast self-examination (p. 13-14)
Automating the testing of athletes for muscle fatigue asymmetry (p. 15-16)
Assessment of the jump shot related with inter-limb asymmetries in female basketball players (p. 17-18)
Study on postural stability and proprioception in a group of basketball players (p. 19-20)
Modelling and analysis of mechanical properties of human rib implant (p. 21-22)
Offloading orthosis for diabetics (p. 23-24)
Applications of superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles in solving brainrelated challenges: current state and future perspectives (p. 25-26)
Extraction and characterization of polysaccharides of Lentinula Edodes, Hericium Erinaceus, Inonotus Obliquus, Ganoderma Lucidum (p. 27-28)
Personalized mechatronic lower limb orthosis (p. 31-32)
Smart integrated circuits using machine learning to detect falls in the elderly (p. 33-34)
The prospect of using elastomers in the surgical treatment of neonatal oesophageal atresia (p. 35-36)
The use of modern 3D Solidworks technologies in the design of components for lower limb prostheses (p. 37-38)
Usage of diagnostic imaging, modeling techniques and additive manufacturing in neurosurgery – case study analysis (p. 39-40)
Identification of the selected input data for developing a patient-specific numerical model of the pelvis bones (p. 41-42)
Biocomposite cement based on magnesium potassium phosphate and K-carrageenan intended as an injectable bone substitute (p. 43-44)
Data acquisition system for non-invasive brain-computer interface based on SSVEP (p. 45-46)

5th Conference on Biomedical Engineering, 26-27.10.2023, Poznań, Poland

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Politechnika Poznańska

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