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XXI Polish-Slovak Scientific Conference Machine Modeling and Simulations MMS 2016, September 6-8, 2016, Hucisko, Poland : book of abstracts


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EN Machine Modeling and Simulations

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Częstochowa, Poland


Publishing Office of Czestochowa University of Technology

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Politechnika Częstochowska

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Analysis of the failure mechanism of sandwich panel at the supports
Analysis of the energy efficiency of the shredded wood material densification process (s. 1-2)
Analysis the influence of interference of vacuum stream signal on steering process of the spark-ignition combuston engine (s. 1-2)
Analytical method for determining the center of gravity of human body during propelling manual wheelchair (s. 1-2)
Analysis of the yield condition of porous cortical bone-implant fixation (s. 28)
Non-classical hazards in road traffic (s. 38)
Multi-angularity - identification of parameters and compatibility conditions of the axis-symmetrical connection with shape deviations (s. 39)
Modelling geometric properties in construction of special devices (s. 40)
Influence of deposit thickness on limit stress in agglomeration process of dry ice (s. 44)
Modelling of the mechanical properties of magnetorheological elastomers (s. 54)
Positioning of parallel manipulator's effector with pneumatic drive aided with electromagnetic brake (s. 58)
The study of mechanical properties of natural polymers in the compacting process (s. 59)
Identification of phenomena accompanying the process of compressing natural polymers (s. 60)
Methods of controlling a hybrid positioning system using LabVIEW (s. 68)
Experimental study of the tilt angle body of towing vehicle with different load (s. 71)
Experimental studies of the size contact area of a summer tire as a dunction of pressure and the load (s. 72)
Energy absorbers on the investigations of hand impact tools for soil compaction (s. 90)
The adjustment of the distance of the object from the Microsoft Kinect with Nyko Zoom used in three-axis manipulator (s. 92)
The impact of the modernization of the injectiom-ignition on the parameters of motion of the motorcycle (s. 95)
The investigations of dynamic characteristics of a stepper motor (s. 96)
Influence of construction mass distribution on walking robots gait stability (s. 100)

21st Polish-Slovak Scientific Conference Machine Modeling and Simulations (MMS 2016), 6-8.09.2016, Częstochowa - Hucisko, Poland