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Abstract of the 5th Central European Congress of Life Sciences, Eurobiotech 2013, Krakow Poland

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Kraków, Poland

The influence of bioaugumentation and biosurfactant addition on bioremediation efficiency of diesel-oil contaminated soil: feasibility during field studies (p. 92)
Contributions of rhamnolipids to natural or induced bioremediation (p. 93)
Biodegradation of ionic liquids by microbial consortia in aqueous media (p. 93)
Influence of 1-alkoxymethyl-2-methyl-5-hydroxypyridinium chloride homologues on biodegradation of diesel fuel by a microbial consortium (p. 94)
Biodegradation of diesel/biodiesel blends in sandy soil (p. 95)
The influence of biodiesel on the biodegradation of hydrocarbons in aqueous microcosms (p. 95)
Preferential degradation of Triton X-100 and polyethylene glycols during biodegradation of diesel fuel (p. 95)
Bioavailability of hydrocarbons to bacterial consortia during Triton X-100-mediated biodegradation in aqueous media (p. 96)
Biological treatment of spent metalworking fluids by non-autochthonous bacterial consortia (p. 96)
Rhamnolipids increase biodegradation of diesel oil in the presence of chlorophenols (p. 97)
Simultaneous degradation of phenol and alkanes by unconventional yeast strains (p. 97)
Biodegradation of Triton X-100 by a bacterial community isolated from activated sludge (p. 98)
Biodegradation of diesel and biodiesel fuels under various aeration conditions (p. 98)
Biodegradation of rhamnolipids and its effect on bacterial community composition during diesel oil degradation (p. 99)
Environmental fate of selected ionic liquids introduced into terrestrial microcosms (p. 99-100)
Phytotoxic effect of rhamnolipids supplementation during biodegradation of diesel oil in soil (p. 100)
Removal of atrazine in the presence of wetland plant species (p. 101)
Isolation of biosurfactant producing strains from environmental samples (p. 108)
Substrate preferences in an environmental microbial consortium degrading diesel oil (p. 108)
Biodegradation of diesel/biodiesel blends in urban soil (p. 109)

Eurobiotech 2013, 5th Central European Congress of Life Sciences, 8-11.10.2013, Krakow, Poland

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