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International Conferences on Advanced Materials : 7th International Workshop on Functional and Nanostructured Materials FNMA'10, 16-20 July 2010, Malta : The International Symposium on Trends in Continuum Physics TRECOP 2010, 16-20 July 2010, Malta : 3rd International Conference and 7th International Workshop on Auxetics and Related Systems, 19-23 July 2010, Gozo/Malta : abstract book


[ 1 ] Instytut Mechaniki Stosowanej, Wydział Budowy Maszyn i Zarządzania, Politechnika Poznańska | [ P ] employee

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conference proceedings

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Gdańsk, Polska

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Task Publishing

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Waves in finite extent superconductors
Multiple scale analysis of a nonlinear kinematically driven system with pendulum
Impact of discretization of rope on solution quality (p. 1-6)
Implementation of method of fundamental solutions for solving torsion problem of rod made of functionally graded material (p. 150)
Semi-analytical method to solve an inverse problem for heat conduction equation (p. 168)
Rayleigh type wave propagation in auxetic dielectric (p. 169-170)
Equilibrum condition in quotient space (p. 171-172)
Solitary wawe collisions in auxetics (p. 176)
Method of fundamental solutions for stationary flow through fibrous filter (p. 177-178)
Inverse determination of volume fraction of fibers in unidirectionally reinforced composite for given effective thermal conductivity coefficient (p. 179-181)
Solving inverse unsteady heat conduction problem with unknown strength of continuous heat sources (p. 189-190)
Kinematically excited dynamical systems near resonances : asymptotic analysis (p. 195-196)
Asymptotic solutions and resonance responses for 3-DOF planar physical pendulum (p. 197-198)
Mesh-free method based numerical experiment for estimation of torsional stiffness of long bone (p. 199-200)
Application of mechanical model of cervical spine assessing changes caused by degenerative disease (p. 202-203)
Application of meshfree methods in cervical spine (p. 204-205)

5th International Symposium on Trends in Continuum Physics TRECOP 2010, 16-20.07.2010, Malta, Malta

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