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Surfactants and dispersed systems in theory and practice : scientific conference Polanica Zdrój, May 31- June 4, 2005


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conference proceedings

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Wrocław, Polska

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Korporacja Biznesowa : EDU-SA Agencja Public Relations

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Surface activity of new benzylimidazolium chlorides (p. 175-179)
Surface properties of binary surfactant mixtures containing oxyethylated coconut acids methyl esters (p. 187-190)
Influence of cationic surfactants hydrophobicity on the surface prpperties of cationic-anionic surfactant mixtures (p. 191-194)
Adsorption properties of binary mixtures of hydrophobic extractants of metal ions at the liquid/liquid interface (p. 195-198)
Surface properties of yellow dextrins (p. 199-203)
Dynamic surface tension of dodecyl benzene sulfonic acid-effect of pH (p. 205-210)
Synthesis and molecural and krystal structure of 1-benzyl-3-cyclododecyloxymethyl-imidazolium chloride (p. 227-230)
Synthesis and antimicrobal activity of 3-alkoxymethyl-1-benzylimidazolim chlorides (p. 381-384)
Recovery of azo dyes by cationic surfactant enhanced oltrafiltration (p. 561-565)
Ultrafiltration of micellar solutions containing organic pollutants (p. 567-570)
Recovery of phenols by liquid-liquid extraction and cloud point technique (p. 575-578)
Cloud point extraction of crystal violet from solutions containing nonionic and zwitterionic surfactants (p. 579-582)
Efect of nonionic surfactants on physicochemical properties of chromium (III) silicates precipatated in emulsion systems (p. 583-586)
Ewaluation of silicas modified with cationic surfactants by FT-IR spectroscopy (p. 587-590)
Application of XPS technique to the characterisation of silica surface modified using selected ionic liquids (p. 591-594)
Monodisperse silicas preciptated in emulsion-active sorbents of organic dyes (p. 595-600)
Influence of modifiers in production of silica-organic dye hybrid pigments (p. 601-604)
Studies on higly dispersed systems containing precipitated silica and calcium carbonate (p. 605-610)
Effect of nonionic surfactants on structure, particle size and porosity of synthetic magnesium silicates (p. 611-614)
Production of Li2O-Modified special potassium-sodium water glass (p. 615-618)
Modeling of fatty acid methyl ester oxyethylation in semi-batch reactor (p. 651-654)

Scientific Conference Surfactants and Dispersed Systems in Theory and Practice, SURUZ 2005, 31.05.2005 - 04.06.2005, Polanica Zdrój, Poland

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