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Założenia systemu i wstępne wyniki z monitoringu podczas montażu pierwszego przęsła mostu łukowego przez rzekę Wisłę w Toruniu


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EN Control and tensometric monitoring during construction of arch bridge across the Vistula river in Torun

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Archiwum Instytutu Inżynierii Lądowej

Journal year: 2013 | Journal number: nr 16

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scientific article

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EN This work presents the assumptions of monitoring system of arch bridge across the Vistula River in Torun during its construction. The use of monitoring system allows to control the current work of arch main girders during the assembly phases. The constructing bridge has the record in the scale of Poland span of 2x270 m. During the building process the innovative assembly method of main girders is used. The main girders after integration, are drawn on floating support, lifted and mounted on special steel temporary studs. The scale and the uniqueness of the bridge are the reasons of installing monitoring system during its construction. The tensometers are installed in selected sections of box girders on six bridge bed-heads. The results allow to evaluate the state of stresses in box girder and stress redistribution from steel part to concrete part of the bed-heads. In addition the measurements of stress are made at bolt of temporary down stud. In order to evaluate the results of monitoring the global FEM model of the whole bridge is created from shell, brick and beam elements. Additional detailed models of the bed-heads are also performed. The actual stage of construction and conducted measurements allows for identification of normal force position on bolt of stud. The state of the stress and strains in stud during the first stage of girders mounting on the abutments is calculated.

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37 - 48

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