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The parameters of production means selection as a base for supplier’s maturity – assessment preparatory


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Research in Logistics & Production

Rocznik: 2020 | Tom: vol. 10 | Numer: no. 1

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artykuł naukowy

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  • supplier's maturity
  • means of production
  • machines
  • tools
  • instruments

EN The subject of the study, which is a preparatory study, is the determinants of the selection of technological resources. The research was conducted from the perspective of small, medium and large enterprises producing agricultural machinery. The fundamental aim of the research is to answer the following questions: what factors - from the point of view of agricultural machinery manufacturers - are important and determine the choice of selected means of production, and which of the above may constitute the basis for assessment in the perspective of the maturity of their suppliers? Achievement of the main objective required formulation and implementation of partial objectives, which included: a) Determination of the importance of production means and their impact on the production process; b) Using the method of reconstruction and interpretation of the literature on the subject - nomination of factors taken into account in the selection of production means; c) Compilation of the list of desiderata constituting the foundation of the research tool in the form of an evaluation sheet being the resultant of literature exploration and discussion among deliberately selected experts related to the agricultural machinery sector. Specified applications have become a substrate defining the proper direction of further research (assessment of the significance of requirements), the results of which will be presented in the next part of the study.

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