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Proceedings of the International Symposium on Trends in Continuum Physics : TRECOP '04, Poznan, Poland 17-19 November 2004


[ 1 ] Instytut Mechaniki Stosowanej, Wydział Budowy Maszyn i Zarządzania, Politechnika Poznańska | [ P ] employee

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conference proceedings

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Poznań, Polska

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Poznan University of Technology

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Politechnika Poznańska

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Risk of Cracking in Kaolin Clay Material During Drying (p. 48-55)
Problems of Vibration Analysis Caused by Impact Soil Compaction (p. 56-62)
The Formulation of the Problem of Transverse Vibration of a Fixed-End Beam with Moving Boundary by the Principle of Hamilton (p. 63-71)
Application of the Principle of Minimal Entropy Production to Solving an Integral Inverse Heat Condution Problem (p. 72-86)
Rayleigh and Loves Waves in a Vortex Field of the II - Type Superconductor (p. 111-127)
Bending of Magnetoelastic Beams (p. 137-142)
Effect of Interia Forces on Thermal Stresses (p. 143-152)
Gravity Force Distribution Acting in Thermoelastic Medium (p. 153-162)
Some Remarks on the Method of Fictitious Sources of Direct and Inverse Problems of Heat Conduction (p. 163-175)
Kinematical and Dynamical Solid Balance (p. 163-172)
Application of Radial Basis Functions for Solution Nonlinear Heat Conduction Problem Using Evolutionary Algorithm (p. 176-186)
Monitoring of Damage in Dried Materials with the Help of Acoustic Emission (p. 187-194)
Mechanistic Model of Microwave Drying of Capillary-Porous Materials (p. 195-202)
Development of Crack Formation During Drying of Timber (p. 203-210)
Solution of Non-Homogeneous Heat Conduction Equation by Polyheat Functions (p. 251-259)
Temperature Source Method for Two-Dimensional Heat Conduction Problem with Inhomogeneous Initial Condition (p. 260-271)
Operator Splitting Algorithm for Thermal Convection in Carreau Fluid (p. 271-281)
The Model Taylor Method to Solve the Hamiltonian Systems; Using the Affine Arithmetic (p. 290-301)
Inertia Load Determined by Kinematic Region Method (p. 301-309)

International Symposium on Trends in Continuum Physics TRECOP '04, 17-19.11.2004, Poznan, Poland

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