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The use of sound-absorbing properties of acoustic panels with different degree of perforation on the outer lining layer in modeling and calculations of traffic noise


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Vibrations in Physical Systems

Journal year: 2023 | Journal volume: vol. 34 | Journal number: no. 2

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scientific article

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  • reverberation time
  • sound absorption coefficient
  • acoustic screen
  • SoundPLAN

EN The article presents research studies on the impact of perforation of the outer lining layer of an acoustic panel used for the construction of road noise reduction devices on its absorbing properties. The research included measurements of the reverberation time in the laboratory conditions of diffusion field, on the basis of which the values of sound absorption coefficient as a function of frequency were determined. In addition, for various solutions of acoustic panels based on a corrugated fiber cement board on the top surface and on two types of mineral wool inside the panel, the αw and αp indices as well as sound absorption rating index DLαNRD were calculated. Then, computer simulations were carried out to show the influence of laboratory-determined acoustic parameters of the panels on the acoustic climate in the vicinity of a selected transport system. The key aspects of the modeling process are presented, the characteristics of the noise source and the analysis of the results are described. An important goal of traffic noise modeling is to strive to develop more friendly and sustainable material solutions that will reduce the negative effects of noise on people and the environment.

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2023219-1 - 2023219-8





Article number: 2023219

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