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Advances in Mechanics: Theoretical, Computational and Interdisciplinary Issues : proceedings of the 3rd Polish Congress of Mechanics (PCM) and 21st International Conference on Computer Methods in Mechanics (CMM), Gdansk, Poland, 8-11 September 2015


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CRC Press

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CRC Press / Balkema

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Shape memory materials and structures: Modelling and computational challenges (s. 35-38)
Asymptotic solution for free vibration of weakly nonlinear oscillator with two serially connected springs (s. 71-75)
Geometric analysis of a 1-dof, six-link feeder (s. 113-116)
Sensitivity analysis of behavior of sandwich plate with PU foam core with respect to boundary conditions and material model (s. 125-128)
Reliable mechanical characterization of layered pavement structures (s. 183-186)
The impact of fire situation on the static and stability response of the bearing steel structure (s. 187-190)
XFEM analysis of intermediate crack debonding of FRP strengthened RC beams (s. 235-239)
Analysis of the influence of differences in strength parameters of steel S235 on passive safety of lighting columns (s. 249-252)
Numerical analysis of contact between 3-D beams with deformable circular cross-section (s. 287-291)
An application of the Discrete Wavelet Transform to defect localization in plates (s. 297-300)
Frequency Response Function of structures with viscoelastic dampers (s. 335-339)
Influence of temperature on dynamic characteristics of structures with VE dampers (s. 341-344)
Electro-mechanical multiple-point beam-to-beam contact (s. 349-353)
Influence of geometrical and physical irregularities on dynamic characteristics of a passively damped structure (s. 441-444)
Stress redistribution at the support of a transversely loaded sandwich panel (s. 485-488)
Physical mode basis design for the flow past a Delta wing (s. 541-542)
Welding deformation in a structure strengthened under load in an empirical-numerical study (s. 563-566)
Fire performance of composite Concrete Filled Tubular columns exposed to localized fire (s. 573-576)
Application of artificial neural networks in man's gait recognition (s. 591-594)
Effectiveness of damage detection in 3-D structures using discrete wavelet transformation (s. 619-622)

3rd Polish Congress of Mechanics (PCM) and 21st International Conference on Computer Methods in Mechanics (CMM), 8-11.09.2015, Gdansk, Poland