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The influence of operating conditions of cable lines in grids on selected properties of extruded cable insulation


[ 1 ] Instytut Elektroenergetyki, Wydział Elektryczny, Politechnika Poznańska | [ P ] employee

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  • distribution power cables
  • thermal impact on extruded insulation

EN Medium voltage cable lines maintained by distribution companies operate in various configurations - in underground power networks or in mixed configurations with overhead power lines. Tests of several dozen sections of MV cables with extruded insulation, maintained in real conditions, confirmed that the process of degradation of polyethylene cable insulation depends on where the cable is placed in the MV power network. Measurements of thermal properties and resistance to partial discharges, and assessment of molecular molar mass of particular insulation layers were conducted, with the samples of insulation obtained from real cables.

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Paper B9.6


9th International Conference on Insulated Power Cables : Jicable'15, Versailles 21-25 June, 2015

Presented on

9th International Conference on Insulated Power Cables : Jicable'15, 21-25.06.2015, Versailles, France

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