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Modern combustion-electric PowerPack drive system design solutions for a hybrid two-unit rail vehicle


[ 1 ] Wydział Inżynierii Lądowej i Transportu, Politechnika Poznańska | [ D ] phd student | [ DW ] applied doctorate phd student

Year of publication


Published in

Combustion Engines

Journal year: 2022 | Journal number: no. 3 (190)

Article type

scientific article

Publication language


  • hybrid drive
  • rail vehicles
  • combustion-electric drive
  • PowerPack
  • dual-drive railbus

EN The article presents an innovative solution of a two-unit rail vehicle system for passanger transport with a dual-drive, diesel engine and electric motor. The vehicle was designed as a combination of two units, one dedicated to each of the two drive systems, where one unit provides electric drive while the other a combustion engine. The selection of engine and drive components was presented along with the aftertreatment systems used in the design. The provided solution was created in response to the dynamic needs of rail vehicle operators in the European Union who aim to reduce exhaust emissions without compomising the reach of the existing rail networks.

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1 - 8




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CC BY (attribution alone)

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