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Industry 4.0 - Safety Guidelines In the Construction of Technical Devices


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  • Industry 4.0
  • Safety
  • Machinery and equipment
  • Harmonized standards

EN In Industry 4.0, the use of machinery and equipment is subject to numerous safety-critical restrictions. The inherent difficulty lies in the fact that such requirements are not uniform, which in turn is due to the failure of legislators to address specific design needs as prerequisites for machine use. Among other things, this issue was the reason for the amendment of the Machinery Directive ((SWD(2021) 83 final). Given the lack of rules dedicated to such matters, it is necessary to apply the laws that are currently in force while additionally accounting for requirements pertaining to specific uses. The problem affects the so-called collaborative robots (cobots) that engage directly with humans. Detailed requirements for such machines need to be identified to make possible the adoption of solutions that will embrace the state of the art in applicable technology. It is necessary to take into account the guidelines of the ISO/TS 15066 standard. The paper discusses technical solutions based on harmonized standards governing the use of machinery and equipment in keeping with Industry 4.0 guidelines. The case of collaborative packaging robots has been used to identify applicable design guidelines and relate them to requirement categories. Once identified, the guidelines and requirements are subjected to thorough analysis. The paper is of great importance for any practitioners who design machinery and equipment with a view to their application in Industry 4.0 companies.

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Proceedings of the 39th International Business Information Management Association Computer (IBIMA), 30-31 May 2022, Granada, Spain. Theory and Practice in Modern Computing: Vision 2025 in the Era of Pandemic

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39th International Business Information Management Association Conference IBIMA 2022, 30-31.05.2022, Granada, Spain

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