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Photoconversion, luminescence and vibrational properties of Mn and Mn, Ce doped Tb3Al5O12 garnet single crystalline films


[ 1 ] Instytut Badań Materiałowych i Inżynierii Kwantowej, Wydział Inżynierii Materiałowej i Fizyki Technicznej, Politechnika Poznańska | [ D ] phd student | [ P ] employee

Scientific discipline (Law 2.0)

[2.8] Materials engineering

Year of publication


Published in

Journal of Luminescence

Journal year: 2023 | Journal volume: vol. 254, part A

Article type

scientific article

Publication language


  • Single crystalline film
  • Garnet structure
  • Photoconversion
  • Luminescence
  • Raman spectroscopy

EN The Mn2+ and Mn2+,Ce3+ doped single crystalline films (SCFs) of Tb3Al5O12 (TbAG) garnet were grown on Y3Al5O12 substrates using liquid-phase epitaxy method in order to check their performance as photoluminescence converters in the white light emitting diodes. The photoconversion properties of TbAG:Mn,Ce SCFs were characterized as functions of the films thickness and activator content. Measurements of high spatial resolution luminescence spectra across the film-substrate cross-section using three excitation lines 488, 514.5 and 785 nm, allowed the assignment of the recorded bands to specific electronic transitions of Ce3+, Mn2+ and Mn4+ ions present in the SCFs and the substrate. Results of the Raman spectroscopy studies of the cross-section of TbAG SCF/YAG and TbAG:Mn SCF/YAG epitaxial structures were also presented. From the evolution of the Raman spectra of the SCF and substrate materials, the separate signals from all mentioned parts of the epitaxial structure were selected and recorded along the line leading through the interface between the film and substrate. The obtained spectra were analyzed and the vibrational bands were assigned to the appropriate ions and molecular groups present in the crystal structure of TbAG and YAG garnets.

Date of online publication


Pages (from - to)

119481-1 - 119481-9




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Impact Factor

3,6 [List 2022]

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