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Water as a Medium of Emotions, Passion and Mood Creator – Painting Experiences


[ 1 ] Instytut Architektury, Urbanistyki i Ochrony Dziedzictwa, Wydział Architektury, Politechnika Poznańska | [ P ] employee

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[2.1] Architecture and urban planning

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chapter in monograph

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  • water
  • paintings
  • inspiration

EN Water is essential for life. It is of great importance to man on many levels. It enables survival, it is a source of food, it improves the climate, but also has a psychological effect on human. Water has many values and therefore it is an element that enriches the environment in which it appears, both the natural landscape and architecture. Occurring in various forms, water provides stimuli not only visual, but also auditory, olfactory and tactile. Its effects can be calming or stimulating for humans. Its unusual characteristic is that it refl ects the sky, the light and immediate surroundings in its mirror, as well as its variability and changeability from a calm, quiet sheet to agitation, movement and passion. Due to these features and properties, it has been an object of worship and human creativity for centuries and has found its place in urban planning, architecture and art. Water is alive, it is a passion in itself that passes onto the observer and captivates hi mor her, which is why man so eagerly wants to refl ect it in his artwork, which extends the time of communing with it and exchanging emotions.

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