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22nd International Conference on Methods and Models in Automation and Robotics MMAR 2017, Miedzyzdroje, Poland, August 28-31, 2017

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edited book

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Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)

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Crazyflie 2.0 quadrotor as a platform for research and education in robotics and control engineering (p. 37-42)
Cascade control algorithms of position and attitude for multirotor UAV (p. 47-52)
Rapid navigation function control for omnidirectional mobile platform (p. 137-140)
Research on possibilities of transporter movement using brain-computer interface based on Steady-State Visually Evoked Potential (SSVEP) (p. 218-221)
Position estimation at zero speed for PMSM using the principal component analysis (p. 361-366)
Model of ADRC speed control system for complex mechanical object with backlash (p. 379-383)
Energy-aware scheduling of jobs performed sequentially (p. 453-457)
Metaheuristics for some discrete-continuous project scheduling problems to maximize the net present value (p. 471-476)
Multiple model adaptive control applied to fractional order systems (p. 488-493)
Comparison of FOC and DTC methods for a Matrix Converter-fed permanent magnet synchronous motor (p. 525-530)
Recursive neural network as speed controller for two-sided electrical drive with complex mechanical structure (p. 576-581)
Polish Whispery Speech Recognition - Minimum Sampling Frequency (p. 611-615)
The impact of vocabulary size and language model order on the polish whispery speech recognition (p. 616-621)
Tracking performance of angular velocity in a servo system with fractional-order PI controller and anti-windup compensation (p. 646-651)
Analysis of 3D model of reluctance stepper motor with a novel construction (p. 934-937)
Modelling of a contact pressure distribution caused by assembly errors in a spur gear transmission (p. 965-970)
Rotational speed control of multirotor UAV's propulsion unit based on fractional-order PI controller (p. 993-998)

22nd International Conference on Methods and Models in Automation and Robotics MMAR 2017, 28-31.08.2017, Międzyzdroje, Polska

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