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Proceedings of the 37th International Business Information Management Association Conference (IBIMA), 30-31 May 2021, Cordoba, Spain. Innovation Management and information Technology impact on Global Economy in the Era of Pandemic


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edited book

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IBIMA Publishing

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Entrepreneurial Traits in Recognizing Opportunities By SMES (p. 1076-1084)
Space Organisation, Creativity And Entrepreneurship: Selected Issues (p. 1085-1090)
A Strategic Approach To The Optimization Of Teaching And Design Processes In The Field Of Architectural Design. Benefits Of Using Freehand Drawing In The Perception Of Space (p. 1398-1406)
A Strategic Approach to Security in a Hospital Using Radioactive Sources and Materials (p. 2216-2221)
The Functioning of Partnership Sales Network as an Effect of the Evolution of Outsourcing in Poland (p. 2400-2412)
Industrial hemp logistics in Poland from the perspective of a research institute (p. 3451-3461)
Research Directions of SMEs and Entrepreneurship in Conditions of Socio-Economic Change. Selected Issues (p. 3690-3695)
Improvement of The Raw Material Procurement Process in Packaging Production by Using Lean Thinking (LT) – Case Study (p. 4326-4335)
Conditions of teleworking, taking into account the features of the user interface at workplaces organized ad hoc during the lockdown period (p. 4457-4463)
Influence of Employees' Burnout on Work Motivation (p. 4499-4507)
Risks and Development Prospects for The Metallurgical Industry – Conditions in Times of Crisis (p. 4523-4531)
The Impact of Corporate Social Responsibility on Achieving a Competitive Advantage: Evidence from Toms Company (p. 4577-4582)
How is information integration management shaping up in CRM systems? – Omnichannel conditions vs. enterprise maturity (p. 4723-4736)
New Occupational Pension System in Poland With Automatic Enrollment - Impact on HRM Strategies and Pension Participation Rates (p. 4860-4868)
Towards an Evolutionary Teal Organization: The Case of an E-Marketing Agency (p. 5077-5083)
The Specificity of The Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises’ Operation in Poland: An Empirical Analysis (p. 5154-5160)
How To Improve Process Effectiveness In A Service Company? Restaurant Case Study (p. 5197-5206)
Future Directions For Car Parts Remanufacturing Business : Research Results (p. 5217-5225)
Introduction of Kanban System in A Production Company Roland International Poland Limited Liability Company (p. 5915-5924)
The Order to Cash Process’s Digitalization Impact on Logistics Processes in Manufacturing Companies (p. 6131-6145)
Factors Affecting the Implementation of BIM in a Design Office as Part of the Industry 4.0 Idea (p. 6472-6481)
Waste (MUDA) Elimination by Work and Time Study. Technique in Manufacturing Company – Case Study (p. 6482-6490)
Consumer preferences for omnichannel customer service in cosmetics industry (p. 7023-7031)
Influence of the knowledge of selected concepts on the organization process maturity (p. 7972-7977)
Managing Remote Worker Safety and Health During the Covid-19 Pandemic (p. 8012-8024)
Diagnosing the Ergonomics of IT Environment for Operators in the 4.0 Industry (p. 8418-8429)
Errors in Shaping the Ergonomics of the Elderly-Interface Interaction (p. 8430-8444)
Model of the Opportunity Recognition Process (p. 8733-8743)
Features of Tasks in The Process of Implementation Engineering Changes in The Automotive Industry: Manager’s Point of View (p. 8780-8788)
Business models and opportunities recognition (p. 8813-8821)
Should omnichannel customer service be the same in each channel? (p. 9148-9161)
Managerial And Cultural Challenges Resulting from The Monitoring of Psychophysiological Parameters of a Human Being (p. 9194-9201)
Crisis Management in A Cultural Institution on The Example of a Selected Library During COVID 19 Pandemic (p. 9202-9209)
Towards Sustainable Manufacturing Through Packaging Customization: A Case Study Based on The Joinery Manufacturing Company (p. 9305-9311)
Remote work in the time of the COVID-19 pandemic in Poland (p. 9805-9811)
Flexible implementation of technological innovations in Polish industrial companies (p. 9818-9827)
Strategies of Entities from The SME Sector During the COVID-19 Pandemic in Poland (p. 10180-10189)
The Impact of The Covid-19 Pandemic on The International Competitiveness of Multinational Enterprises (p. 10222-10231)
Visual Performance Management as a Tool Supporting Production Process Performance in a Company (p. 10467-10472)
Concept of assessment model for the elements of safety culture in an organization (p. 10558-10566)
Multi-Criteria Comparative Analysis of Proactive Safety Strategy of An Organization Exemplified by Polish Companies (p. 10638-10646)
Implementation of ergonomic interventions in manufacturing companies in the era of the Covid-19 pandemic from the point of view of members of ergonomic project teams (p. 12067-12075)
Preferences for supplier evaluation criteria at the aspect of digital transformation of purchasing process – manager’s point of view (p. 12087-12094)

37th International Business Information Management Association Conference, 30-31.05.2021, Cordoba, Spain

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