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Recent advances in computational mechanics : proceedings of the 20th International Conference on Computer Methods in Mechanics (CMM 2013), Poznań, 27-31 August, 2013


[ 1 ] Wydział Budownictwa i Inżynierii Środowiska, Politechnika Poznańska | [ P ] employee

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Leiden, Netherlands

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CRC Press

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CRC Press / Balkema

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Nonlinear stability analysis of elastic-plastic conical shells with shape imperfections (p. 39-48)
Load carrying capacity of RC beams strengthened by pre-tensioned CFRP strips (p. 95-101)
Modeling and analysis of free vibration of steel-concrete composite beams (p. 103-110)
Parameter identification in FEM models of thin-walled purlins restrained by sheeting (p. 121-128)
Damage detection in truss structure being the part of historic railway viaduct using wavelet transformation (p. 157-163)
Contact between 3-D beams with deformable circular cross-sections (p. 183-189)
Numerical analysis of frictionless contact between almost conforming beams (p. 191-199)
Topology optimization of the effective thermal properties of two-phase composites (p. 223-236)
Application of the MFS for 3D elastostatic problems - location of the sources and condition number analysis (p. 237-243)
The trial of optimal strengthening of composite beams (p. 277-283)
Efficient methods for optimal space filling in model reduction techniques (p. 285-292)
Mixed experimental/numerical methods applied for concrete parameters estimation (p. 293-302)
Application of the method of fundamental solutions and the radial basis functions for peristaltic flow analysis (p. 379-386)

20th Polish Conference on Computer Methods in Mechanics (CMM), 27-31.08.2013, Poznan, Poland

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WoS (15)

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