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Advances in Manufacturing II. Volume 4 - Mechanical Engineering


[ 1 ] Instytut Technologii Mechanicznej, Wydział Budowy Maszyn i Zarządzania, Politechnika Poznańska | [ 2 ] Instytut Technologii Materiałów, Wydział Budowy Maszyn i Zarządzania, Politechnika Poznańska | [ P ] employee

Scientific discipline (Law 2.0)

[2.9] Mechanical engineering

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edited book

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Cham, Switzerland

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Book series: Lecture Notes in Mechanical Engineering, LNME

Verification of Machine Tool Set-Up stability Using a Simplified Wolfram Language-Based Model (p. 12-24)
Balancing of a Wire Rope Hoist Using a Cam Mechanism (p. 25-35)
The influence of imperfections on the strength and stability of cold-formed sigma channels with corrugated flanges (p. 36-49)
Fatigue Life of Auxetic Re-entrant Honeycomb Structure (p. 50-60)
Temperature Distribution in Workpiece During Flowdrill - Numerical Experiment Based on Meshless Methods (p. 81-95)
Construction of the Facility for Aluminium Alloys Electromagnetic Stirring During Casting (p. 164-175)
Investigations of Electronic Controller for Electrohydraulic Valve with DC and Stepper Motor (p. 189-200)
Evaluation of Castings Surface Quality Made in 3D Printed Sand Moulds Using 3DP Technology (p. 201-212)
Hybrid Numerical-Analitycal Approach for Force Prediction in End Milling of 42CrMo4 Steel (p. 223-232)
Application of the Motion Capture System in the Biomechanical Analysis of the Injured Knee Joint (p. 257-265)
Effect of modification of mono-crystalline corundum grinding wheel on cutting forces in grinding of aluminum alloy 7075 (p. 276-286)
Influence of Processing Parameters on Clamping Force During Injection Molding Process (p. 287-299)
Modelling and Analysis of Cutting Force Components in Turning Process of Commercially Pure Titanium Grade 2 (p. 317-328)
Influence of the Most Important Elements of the Prosthesis on Biomechanics of the Human Gait After Amputation of the Lower Limb (p. 342-356)
Thermo-Mechanical Phenomena in Aluminum Alloy Casting During Cooling – Experimental Simulation (p. 374-383)
Methodology of determination of key casting process parameters on DISA MATCH Automatic Moulding Line affecting the formation of alloy-mould contact defects (p. 416-433)
Frictional Properties of α-Nucleated Polypropylene-Based Composites Filled with Wood Flour (p. 461-472)
Preparation and Characterization of the Injection Molded Polymer Composites Based on Natural/Synthetic Fiber Reinforcement (p. 473-484)
Mechanical and Thermal Properties of Rotational Molded PE/Flax and PE/Hemp Composites (p. 495-506)
Corrosion Resistance of Alternative Chemical Pre-treatments of Hot-Dip Galvanized Zinc Surface (p. 572-581)
Mechanical Properties and Structure of Reactive Rotationally Molded Polyurethane - Basalt Powder Composites (p. 601-609)
Manufacturing and properties of biodegradable composites based on thermoplastic starch/polyethylene-vinyl alcohol and silver particles (p. 610-624)
Manufacturing and properties of recycled polyethylene films with an inorganic filler by the extrusion blow moulding method (p. 625-638)
Hybrid Epoxy Composites Reinforced with Flax Fiber and Basalt Fiber (p. 639-650)

6th International Scientific-Technical Conference Manufacturing 2019, 19-22.05.2019, Poznan, Poland

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