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Automated Design of Customized 3D-Printed Wrist Orthoses on the Basis of 3D Scanning


[ 1 ] Instytut Technologii Materiałów, Wydział Inżynierii Mechanicznej, Politechnika Poznańska | [ 2 ] Wydział Inżynierii Mechanicznej, Politechnika Poznańska | [ 3 ] Instytut Technologii Mechanicznej, Wydział Inżynierii Mechanicznej, Politechnika Poznańska | [ P ] employee | [ D ] phd student | [ S ] student

Scientific discipline (Law 2.0)

[2.9] Mechanical engineering

Year of publication


Chapter type

chapter in monograph / paper

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  • 3D printing
  • wrist orthosis
  • 3D scanning
  • automated design

EN The paper presents development and studies of an intelligent CAD (Computer Aided Design) model of an openwork wrist orthosis. The key feature is customization capability on the basis of shape and size of patient’s hand and arm. A patient is first 3D scanned using a cheap structured light scanner. Then, the gathered anthropometric data is used as a base for automated adjustment of geometry of an intelligent model of a wrist orthosis. Finally, the orthosis can be 3D printed using low-cost machines. Automation of design eliminates a need of manual processing of 3D scans and 3D models, as the model automatically adjusts itself to patient’s data and is ready for manufacturing. The paper presents basic concepts, development and studies on such a model. The studies comprised of collision analysis between an automatically generated orthosis and patient’s own hand and arm, as well as manufacturing examples of orthoses and fitting them to real patient’s hand. The results are generally positive, but further development is required to obtain optimal results for great majority of patients.

Date of online publication


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1133 - 1143





Computational and Experimental Simulations in Engineering : Proceedings of ICCES 2019

Presented on

24th International Conference on Computational & Experimental Engineering and Sciences (ICCES 2019), 25-28.03.2019, Tokyo, Japan

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