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Practical aspects of chemical engineering. Selected contributions from PAIC 2019


[ 1 ] Instytut Technologii i Inżynierii Chemicznej, Wydział Technologii Chemicznej, Politechnika Poznańska | [ P ] employee

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[6.5] Chemical sciences

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editing of scientific monograph / conference proceedings

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Cham, Switzerland

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Analysis of Thermal Distillation Process for Digestate in the Aspect of Gas, Liquid and Solid Products of Thermal Conversion (p. 1-9)
Drying of biomaterials of animal origin with superheated steam (p. 10-16)
Copper(II) chelating agents (p. 17-26)
Verification of Methods for Calculating Resistance in Two-Phase Gas-Liquid Mixture Flow (p. 27-36)
Application of plant design system on the example of the ABE mixture separation (p. 37-46)
Modified aluminum-magnesium oxide catalysts in the process of ethoxylation of higher fatty acid methyl esters (p. 69-78)
Gas-liquid mixing in an unbaffled vessel with a forward-reverse rotating Scaba impeller (p. 79-86)
Analysis of Mechanical Mixing in a Tank Mixer with Disturbing Elements (p. 89-98)
Gas-phase synthesis of anatase titania nanocrystals with controlled structural properties (p. 99-109)
Application of enzymatic-based bioreactors (p. 110-121)
Biodegradation of pharmaceuticals belonging to the group of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory and analgesic drugs using activated sludge (p. 144-152)
Analysis of the effect of the atomizer swirl chamber on the liquid atomization process (p. 153-160)
Engineering of immobilized enzymes: pH, thermal stability and kinetic aspects (p. 161-170)
Multiphase pressure swirl atomizers for agricultural applications (p. 183-190)
Modified Moving Bed Method for Treatment of Wastewater Originating from the Pharmaceutical Industry. (p. 191-198)
Homogenization of O/W emulsions using dynamic membranes (p. 199-208)
Analysis of Coal Dust Ignition Deposited in a Layer at Constant and Variable Temperature of Heating Panel (p. 209-215)
Verification of the impedance spectroscopy method used in extra virgin olive oil water content assessment (p. 223-230)
Standards for rainwater discharge in terms of solid pollution separation process in modified swirl settling tanks (p. 231-240)
Efficiency of Co-substrates Application and Thermal Processing in the Field of Methane Fermentation of the Distillers Grains (p. 241-251)
Application of HE-3 and HE-3X agitators in suspension production (p. 252-260)
Flow regulators - design, tests and applications (p. 261-270)
Impact of electrodes design on their activity in the oxidation of organic pollutants (p. 355-364)
Extensional flow of wormlike micellar solutions (p. 365-373)
Heat transfer enhancement during the flow of drag-reducing surfactant solutions (p. 374-382)
Separation of erythritol from fermentation broth using preparative chromatography (p. 383-391)
Spent automotive converters as a secondary resource of metals (p. 392-400)
Risk assessment in process industries using fuzzy logic approach (p. 401-411)
Spherical particle technology and engineering: fabrication and practical utility (p. 430-440)
Analysis and modeling of the process of metal separation from the aqueous phase in a pseudo-emulsion based hollow fiber strip dispersion (p. 441-451)
Comparison of emulsification in a sieve emulsification mixer, homogenizer and mechanical mixer (p. 451-460)
Metal leaching from e-waste with ionic liquids (p. 473-482)
Influence of annealing on structure and corrosion resistance of duplex and super duplex stainless steel (p. 483-490)
Application of Morison equation in unsteady mixing characteristics (p. 491-499)

PAIC 2019, 16-17.09.2019, Zaniemyśl, Polska

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